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20 September 2008 @ 08:39 pm
Welcome to LORDCEST, a community devoted to the true love (and sexually awkward) undertones between Lord Marcus and Duchess Catherine on Gossip Girl. Don't pretend you're shocked - you've seen it too. This community is purely for entertainment purposes - we're not condoning incest or affairs or anything of that kind, it's simply for fun. And besides, he married his blood related cousin in the books, so it's honestly not that bad.

  1. Do not post anything in this community that is not related to either Marcus or Catherine. Like, you have a Gossip Girl related icon post, but no icons of these characters? Don't post it. If it's only Marcus, or only Catherine, make sure it's at least ten icons. You're welcome to post anything, really, as long as it's related to this pairing. Fic, graphics, fanvids, promos, and whatever else your little cracky and awesome minds can come up with pertaining to this ship.
  2. Respect everybody in this community. There's no point in having a site specifically to bring a fanbase together and have everybody treat each other like crap. Have a different opinion than someone about something? Either respectfully and maturely disagree with them, or don't say anything to them at all. We can all be civil here on the internet. (:
  3. Put all spoilers behind a cut. If you're not sure it's a spoiler, and it definitely hasn't been aired yet, do it anyway, just to be safe! Also, anything spoilery from episodes aired should be under a cut until three days after the episode has been aired. Not everybody watches it live!
  4. Tags are awesome! Tags are organized! Tags make it easier to find shit! USE THEM. Eventually, we'll have a tag for every category, so for now, if you tag something wrong, we'll fix it. But we don't want to tag each and every entry. If it's a fic? Tag it as 'fanfiction.' If it's an icon post, tag it as 'icons.' And so on and so forth. There will be universal tags eventually, so if you're confused, just look at the tags list.
  5. Anything stretching the page or containing more than three icons should be posted behind a cut. This includes youtube videos, please!
  6. Any news regarding the actors, behind the scenes photos, or anything else you can think of that has to do with any of that is also welcome to be posted here. Just make sure it's mostly relevant to the characters or actors.
  7. Have fun! Laugh with people. Discuss your theories about their secret and awesome sex life. WHATEVER. That's the purpose of this community, and we just want everybody to be able to enjoy it.

This community is MEMBERS ONLY, so if you'd like to see it, please join!

We are officially open, so feel free to comment here and get the ball rolling!
weeaboo: serblairjaded56 on September 21st, 2008 07:40 am (UTC)
officially a member. hahaha

those 2 secretly want each other xD